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HR Strategy Group has extensive experience assisting companies and organizations of all sizes with a variety of human resources needs and challenges. We are available to assist our clients with their HR issues. We can also provide additional on-site HR support, consultation, and mentoring to executive teams to help them better understand and be prepared for relevant HR challenges.

Employment Handbooks

An Employment Handbook allows businesses to establish sound, consistent employment expectations for employees, while ensuring compliance with state and federal employment law. Employment Handbooks allow businesses to:

  • Clarify expectations for professional conduct & performance with employees;
  • Train employees in the company's expectations of their conduct and performance;
  • Maintain Accountability with employees who act inappropriately in the business;
  • Ensures compliance with federal & state employment law, insurance and professional liability requirements.

Employment Handbooks are a business necessity for companies and can help protect them from employment liability and wrongful employment actions – which can cost thousands of dollars.

Employment Handbooks allow businesses to be PRO-ACTIVE in communicating a professional image to employees about work requirements, dress code, customer/client care, hours of operation, time schedules, requesting time-off, and many more issues in employment. An employment handbook provides a business with a consistent, uniform set of guidelines that allows them to manage the HR issues in the business effectively and efficiently.

HR Strategy Group has significant expertise in Employment Handbooks. Our comprehensive Handbooks are periodically reviewed by employment attorneys to ensure compliance with state and federal employment laws. We customize these Handbooks for each client. Click here to see a Sample Table of Contents from one of our recent employment handbooks.

Employee Communications

We offer experience communicating a broad range of issues that impact a company's employees, including compensation, benefits, compensation, performance management, recruitment, and lay-offs.

Position Descriptions

HR Strategy Group can provide needed support to growing companies including helping to identify a need for new positions. We listen to our clients to help them develop an accurate and complete position description to ensure the best candidates are attracted to open positions. HR Strategy Group also offers flexible Search & Recruitment packages. For more information visit our Search & Recruitment Services section.

Performance Appraisals

We have expert consultants who can help design the best performance management and appraisal systems that are tailored to a company's needs and workplace culture. We work with each client to design, implement, and communicate the system that works best for the company and its employees.

HR Audits

HR Strategy Group prides itself on staying informed of state and federal labor requirements. When necessary we will review a company's personnel records and systems to ensure it is in compliance with state and federal requirements.


We offer best-in-class compensation analysis and strategy design using compensation data tailored to your business locale, industry, and local cost of living. A well-designed compensation structure allows employers to know what to pay for particular jobs in a local market and how to align the compensation strategies with your budgetary and organizational needs in mind.

Training Programs

We deliver management training so that your key employees understand their roles as managers and leaders in your organization. We facilitate executive leadership and specialized training on various HR issues, such as:

  • Hiring
  • Customer service and employee engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • Compensation
  • Employee relations
  • Organization development for change management initiatives

We also offer customized one-on-one management coaching to improve the performance of key leaders in your company. Our use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, DISC, and other tools have great value in management training and coaching and help to ensure your key leaders will capitalize on their strengths while improving in other areas.

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