New Year, New Resolutions… EVEN AT WORK!

08 January 18

Hello readers, and welcome to 2018! Jaime Marie here, writing to you about a tradition I look forward to every January- New Year’s Resolutions.

For many, this will be the year they finally achieve that “dream body,” finish that novel they’ve been working on for years, or clean out all the junk drawers they’ve tried so hard to ignore for so long. According to the Statistic Portal, the top two 2018 resolutions in the United States were to save money or to lose weight/get in shape.

Promising to change and improve yourself and your life is an almost unavoidable part of the transition to a new year. So, as you take on the next 365 days, what are you going to promise to change? Think about what improvements you could make this year in your workplace.

Stuck? Can’t think of what you could POSSIBLY improve on at work this year? Well, lucky for you I’m here with 7 workplace resolutions for the new year…

Cut down on complaining

Enough already! Quit whining about the little, insignificant things. It doesn’t serve much of a purpose, and all the good-mood people will avoid you.

Don’t beat yourself up

So you made a mistake or your brilliant idea actually turned out to be a bad one. No one is perfect. Own up to your mistake or take responsibility for your failure. Then move on.

Lighten up!

Admittedly, this may be tough for overworked employees in a tough job. But that is precisely the reason to flash those pearly whites and crack a joke now and then. Everyone benefits when the tension is brought down a notch, even for just a minute.

Think outside the box

Do you want your boss to consider you uninspired? Probably not. So, make it a resolution to learn something new or try something different.

Get your name out there

In today’s topsy-turvy job market, professional networking is more important than ever. So this year, don’t hole up in your cubicle. Get out there and meet some new folks, both inside and outside the company, who share your profession.

Put that smartphone to the side

Believe it or not, smartphones affect our workplace productivity in a bad way. Keeping your mobile phone away will keep you from getting distracted by notifications and allows you to put your maximum focus into your work.

For more on cell phone etiquette in the work place, click here.


Make a resolution this year to give yourself a pat on the back when you have accomplished something. This boosts your confidence and makes you feel accomplished at work.


Make 2018 your best year yet.



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