The Importance of an Employment Handbook

Amy Polefrone
04 December 17

An Employment Handbook allows you to establish sound, consistent employment expectations for the employees in your business, while ensuring compliance with state and federal employment law.  Employment Handbooks allow businesses to:

  • Clarify your expectations for professional conduct & performance with your employees;
  • Train your employees in your expectations of their conduct and performance;
  • Maintain Accountability with employees who act inappropriately in your business;
  • Ensures compliance with federal & state employment law, insurance and professional liability requirements; and
  • Projects & maintains a professional workplace for your employees.

Employment Handbooks are a business necessity and can help protect you from employment liability and wrongful employment actions – which can cost you thousands of dollars!

Employment handbooks allow you to be PRO-ACTIVE in communicating a professional image to your employees about dress code, customer/client care, hours of operation, time schedules, requesting time-off, and many more issues in employment!   By having an employment handbook, you provide a consistent, uniform set of guidelines that allows you to manage the human resource issues in your business effectively and efficiently.

HR Strategy Group, LLC has significant expertise in employment handbooks for businesses of all sizes.  Our comprehensive handbooks are written with the combined experienced of HR Executives and an Employment Attorney.  Our handbooks are compliant with state and federal employment laws.  These handbooks can be customized for your business.

Interested?  Contact HR Strategy Group, LLC to discuss what your business needs.  HR Strategy Group, LLC will work with you every step of the way to create a customized employment handbook solution for your business!  We can also provide expert review of your current handbook to help you update specific policies.  We look forward to working with you!


If interested, please contact HR Strategy Group, LLC for more information!

Phone #:  410-505-8723 or email

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